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    Updated weekly, come see who our lucky ladies are! We love having the opportunity to host giveaways for our Leopard Luvs!

    Looking to participate and win awesome prizes? Click this link to follow our facebook page!

    • Kimberly Guidry Coopwood
    • Debbie Sowa Stretch
    • Laurie Hammann-Kinzie
    • Leah Eckert Turnbull
    • Chelsey Chapman
    • Courtney Minga
    • Shelly David
    • Vikki Bertrand
    • Terry Horta
    • Sherry Douglas
    • Lexus West
    • Stephanie Eckert
    • Wendy Kemp
    • Danielle Conner
    • Tara Braddock
    • Traci Heffernan
    • Kimberly Bryant
    • Stephanie Gessner Justice
    • Mattison Smith 
    • Charlotte Planchard
    • Chelsea Giacona 
    • Brandy Mills