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    Fashion Boutique News

    When you need to know if blue hues are in or it’s time to bust out your booties for fall, follow along with the latest news from Rhinestone Leopard. We’ve taken our time to help you find the hippest fashion trends and get to know the best pieces to wear each season.

    Stay Up to Date

    We update our blog often, so you’ll always be the first to know about everything going on with Rhinestone Leopard and the boutique fashion industry. You can find out what’s trending, the best pieces for the season, and other helpful information when you explore our blog.

    We make it easy to pick outfits based on the hottest looks. Scroll through our most recent posts, or search by topic using our menu. Make sure you check back often to stay in the know about the latest trends when the seasons start to change!

    Cute Ideas

    If you’re looking for cute ideas or some inspiration for your wardrobe, check our news page often. We’ve compiled lists of the best outfits for each season as well as helpful information on how to wear our trendiest pieces. You’re going to love browsing all the helpful articles and lists that will make putting outfits together so much easier.

    If you’re ready to put your knowledge of boutique fashion to work, you won’t want to miss anything! Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be the first to get the latest news.

    Summer Travel Fashion Tips

    Summer Travel Fashion Tips

    Find the Best Travel Outfits

    With summer weather quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about vacations! Whether you’re heading down for a weekend on the coast or you’re planning a month long road trip, it’s important to plan out cute travel and road trip outfits to keep you on-trend and stylish. When it’s time to start packing your summer road trip outfits, read on here for our top travel packing tips along with suggestions for the best travel outfits this summer.

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    6 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas

    6 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas

    Summertime has always been a great opportunity to experiment with fabrics, patterns, and details. It’s the free-est time of year, and a perfect time to whip out old favorites to mix with the newest trends. When it comes to cute summer outfits for women, no one knows better than the mother - daughter team at Rhinestone Leopard. Check out our warm weather outfit ideas to discover stylish summer clothes and trendy summer outfits today!

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    5 Adorable Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

    woman in a white dress holding a red heart

    Whether you’re prepping for the ultimate date night or you’re planning a Galentine’s Day with your favorite girls, you still need the perfect outfit for the occasion. At Rhinestone Leopard, we are your ultimate fashion bestie, offering advice, cute style ideas, and inspiration to create that on-point look. If you’re ready for our adorable Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, check out our top five picks below!

    1.  Keep It Classy

    These days, true fashion is about breaking the rules, not following them! If bright red dresses and little hearts aren’t your thing, don’t force it. Sleek and chic is always in style, and some times the simplest pieces are the classiest. For a classic and versatile look, start with a basic black romper and up the ante with flashy accessories like gold jewelry or sparkly shoes. Give a nod to the holiday without overdoing it by adding a bright red clutch or cherry red lipstick to your ensemble.

    2.  Over the Top

    blush romper valentine’s day outfit idea

    Did you buy a sequined dress for New Year’s Eve and then leave it in your closet alone and forgotten? Now is the perfect time to bust it out once again. If your dress was in a V-day color like pink or red, you can layer it with neutrals to create a balanced look. Was your NYE dress gold, silver, black, or white? Add some red and pink accessories to transform it into the Valentine’s Day date night dress of your dreams!

    3.  Casual Flair

    Not every date night needs to be super dressy! For a Valentine’s Day outfit idea made for a casual date, pair your favorite jeans and a top with just a little nod to the holiday. We love a fuzzy white sweater with a pink heart on it or a pair of sneakers with some red lips on the heels. You can even wear a purse with a giant rose on the front! However you choose to accentuate your look, make it subtle, make it cute, and make it you!

    4.  Ultra Girly

    classy grey dress valentine’s day outfit idea

    Wearing hearts on every piece of clothing is easily overdone, but that doesn’t mean there’s no other way to bring out your inner girly sweetheart. One of our favorite Valentine’s Day outfit ideas is to rock a sweet pink hue in more fashion-oriented materials. Explore a blush-toned leather skirt or patent leather ballerina flats to put a mature spin on the princess in your heart. Keep the pink theme going with rose gold jewelry and a glittering champagne purse. Done right, this monochrome look will catapult you to the top of his heart!

    5.  Patterned Chic

    Everyone loves a little playful print, and your Valentine’s Day outfit idea is the place to experiment. From a dress embellished with little hearts to a romper that’s got red roses all over it, make sure your pattern incorporates traditional V-Day colors like red, pink, and white. Since your printed outfit is the showstopper, keep your shoes and accessories simple so that you don’t overwhelm your date. Match your lipstick to the main color of your print and step out looking chic and effortless.

    Whether you have everything you need for your V-Day look or you’re missing some essential pieces, explore the collections at Rhinestone Boutique for Valentine’s Day outfit ideas.

    How to Wear Animal Print | Our Favorite Tips & Tricks!

    How to Wear Animal Print | Our Favorite Tips & Tricks!

    Animal prints are a bold choice that can easily get out of control. Avoid looking like an escaped zoo animal when you learn how to wear animal prints with our favorite tips and tricks. At Rhinestone Leopard, we absolutely love prints — it’s in our name! We don’t believe in shying away from bold, loud, exciting looks. To incorporate animal print outfits into your closet, check out our top advice here!

    1. A Little Goes a Long Way

      A little bit of animal print is sexy and chic, but too much of it can turn you into a fashion victim. One good rule is to choose just one animal print piece to be your main focus. If you’re an old pro, choose a printed blouse or dress to draw the eye. Feeling like a novice? Opt for more subtle animal print accessories to enhance a simple outfit.

      There’s no need to match your leopard print shoes with a matching blouse or purse!

    2. Print + Color = Fabulous

      One of the best ways to learn how to wear animal prints is to mix and match them with classic, solid colors. If you have a really loud animal print, a neutral hue elsewhere will subdue the design a little and break up any busy areas. You can also go ultra adventurous when you pair jewel tones with your animal print pieces. Try oxblood red with cheetah print or emerald green with a zebra pattern to create a unique animal print outfit.

    3. Choose Classic Silhouettes

      leopard print turtleneck animal print outfitSince animal prints are so wild, you can tone down the drama by sticking to pieces that have clean lines and simple silhouettes. A classic look can ensure you look sophisticated instead of cheesy! Some of our favorite animal print options include:

      You don’t want anything fussy, frilly, or sparkly when trying to master how to wear animal prints!

    4. Go Denim

      If you’re stumped for the perfect bottoms to pair with your new animal print top, denim is a classic choice that won’t steer you wrong! Neutral and timeless, the right pair of jeans can ground even the wildest top, making them perfect for completing an animal print outfit. Go for a distressed look if you’re seeking a casual vibe, or choose dark skinny jeans for a more modern, elevated approach.

    5. Simple Accessories

      Since the printed piece is the main showstopper, you don’t want to distract from it with crazy accessories. When learning how to wear animal prints, don’t let your accessories compete with your print. Find sleek earrings in gold or silver that match with a pendant necklace. Leave the chunky, funky gemstone jewelry in the box and let your animal print outfit really shine!

    Prints at Rhinestone Leopard

    With our guide on how to wear animal prints, you should feel as fearless as a jungle cat about adding a few prints to your wardrobe. Get started today when you explore printed pieces from our collection!

    Come Get Comfy Now

    Come Get Comfy Now
    Who doesn’t love the turning of the leaves, the cool brisk air and of course cute and cozy lounge wear? Grab your lattes and get ready to lose yourself in our comfy sleepwear.

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